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Indostek focuses on Engineering Works and Services and was built with a strong attitude to answer the needs both international and domestic clients. We are registered professionals in Indonesia Oil and Gas Department with a highly skilled team that includes Structural Engineers, Process Engineers, Software Engineers, Project Managers and are up-to-date on current standards. Established with the idea to provide solutions and sound recommendations to our clients, we produce a top quality results and maintain all equipment in an orderly fashion.
Pressure Vessel Engineer 20 - Apr - 2017

  • Tingkat Pekerjaan
    Junior Staff
  • Fungsi Pekerjaan
  • Lokasi Pekerjaan
    Jl. Iskandaryah, Melawai

  • Majoring of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Having experience in work Reverse engineering and Residual life assessment Pressure Vessel as PV engineer.
  • Having year experience in Technical Inspection Services as Inspector PV or engineer.
  • Having experience for design PV, either EPC or Fabrication.
  • Familiar with PV Elite.
  • Good in English skill spoken, written and presentation.

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