Fun Experience in Pulau Merah Beach Banyuwangi

Fun Experience in Pulau Merah Beach Banyuwangi

Are you looking for a place for vacation with your family? A day or two on the Beach can surely refresh your body and mind off all fatigues and stress from all your daily routines.

From the beautiful natural panoramic view and relaxing atmosphere, Pulau Merah Beach has it all. There is a small island near the shore, an overlay of white sand, and mediocre waves suitable for surfing.

“This place has everything! Cheap snacks, friendly merchants, beautiful view, and even the dragon fruits are also unique,” said a tourist from Magetan, Wahyuni to TIMES Indonesia, Sunday (5/12/2021).

Kids can play and run along the beach safely. They can also practice their creativity and imagination with the white sand in Pulau Merah Beach. They can create almost anything they can imagine with the sand. They can also play in the shallow part of the beach and feel the waves on their feet. Of course, it is an enjoyable experience for the whole family, especially for kids.