30 Ucapan Valentine 2023 Bahasa Inggris, Sampaikan ke Kekasih Besok 14 Februari

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30 Ucapan Valentine 2023 Bahasa Inggris, Sampaikan ke Kekasih Besok 14 Februari
30 Ucapan Valentine 2023 Bahasa Inggris - Ilustrasi sepasang kekasih yang sedang merayakan hari valentine ( Foto : Unsplash.com )

Mau buat ucapan valentine 2023 romantis dalam bahasa Inggris? Silahkan coba salah satunya di sini.

Suara.com - Biasanya ucapan selamat hari valentine 14 Februari adalah yang paling ingin didengar oleh pasangan kekasih dari kekasihnya. Sudahkah kamu menyiapkan ucapan Valentine 2023 romantis kepada pasangan? 

Ada berbagai cara untuk mengungkapkannya, misalnya dikirim melalui pesan WA atau dijadikan caption IG sambil memposting foto kebersamaan kalian. Kalau kamu belum punya kalimat atau ucapan Valentine, coba salah satu dari 30 ucapan Valentine 2023 Bahasa Inggris di bawah ini. 

1. Happy Valentine's Day, I'm glad to meet and love you. May we be together, forever.

2. I am very grateful for your support during this time. Happy Valentine's Day baby. 

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3. Happy Valentine's Day, I'm glad you didn't give up on my stubbornness. You guide me to be softer. 

4. On this day of affection, I want to express my gratitude for our togetherness during this time. Always full of meaning and love. 

5. Valentine's Day is just one of the days to express love. However, let me specially give you more love on this day. Happy Valentine's Day.

6. Our togetherness is always meaningful. Happy Valentine's Day.

7. I never expected to feel comfortable near you. In the past, we were strangers and today we became lovers. Happy Valentine's Day, baby. 

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8. Happy Valentine's Day my husband. Thank you for always supporting and trusting me. 

9. Happy Valentine's Day, Lover, and My Partner. 

10. Happy Valentine's Day. We've been through a lot of hardships together, I'm so grateful you're my partner. 

11. Thank you for being a part of my life all these years. Maybe you didn't know that the spirit you gave me made me have a way out in every one of my difficulties. Happy Valentine's Day.

12. Even though we have quarreled, I realize that our quarrels are to mature our relationship. Happy Valentine's Day. 

13. I am always embarrassed to express my feelings directly. That's why I send valentine's greetings through this short message. Happy Valentine's Day. 

14. I hope we never forget the way we smile. Happy Valentine's Day.

15. The meeting with you has given me a lot of experience. No exception is feeling yourself loved by you. Happy Valentine's Day.

16. This chocolate I made myself, with all the effort I put in, I hope you understand my sincere feelings for you. Happy Valentine's Day. 

17. Happy Valentine's Day, may our relationship always last. 

18. Happy Valentine's Day. Our love may not be perfect, but being able to always be supportive is the most important thing in life. 

19. I do not want to lose you. Just imagine it, I can't. Happy Valentine's Day. 

20. Do not even think about leaving me. Please love me and guide me to become more mature. I love you, my beloved. 

21. Beloved, I never know how you really feel about me when you are angry. However, every time you come back with a smile, I know you're the best for me. Happy Valentine's Day.

22. Forgive me who is still more often selfish than thinking about you. I will try to be better for you, from today until the future. Happy Valentine's Day. 

23. Happy Valentine's Day. Sorry if I haven't been able to give you the things you dreamed of. Your presence is the greatest gratitude in my life. Happy Valentine's Day.

24. Your presence in my life gives me strength and inspiration. Thank you for always being by my side. Happy Valentine's Day. 

25. Happy Valentine's Day. When you smile, at that very moment I feel blessed. 

26. People say no love relationship is perfect. But, I feel perfect when I'm with you. Doesn't that mean we're perfect? Happy Valentine's Day. 

27. It's hard to put it into words, but I hope you already know that I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. 

28. I used to not believe in love, but since meeting you I think I know what love is. Happy Valentine's Day. 

29. I love you, all my heart. Happy Valentine's Day.

30. Happy Valentine's Day. I will always miss you even if we just met. I guess I'm crazy about you. 

Itulah 30 ucapan valentine 2023 Bahasa Inggris. Adakah yang cocok untukmu?

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